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At age fifteen, Linda left her home country of Korea to come to Canada with her parents. After graduating from Sheridan College studying Fashion Technique and Design, she started her own company and designed women's clothing and accessories. For over 30 years, she successfully operated her business in the fashion industry. She retired in 2012 to fully devote her time and energy to her lifelong passion of making art.


Linda’s recent works are mixed media on wood and acrylic on canvas that explore and push boundaries on techniques and traditions. Her pieces are often combinations of polarities: realism and abstract, old and new, East and West. The opposites manifest harmoniously in her artwork. They reflect her shift in emotional struggles in culture, relationships, and social values transforming into restful and peaceful ethereal resolution. 


"In my early years I drew and painted ‘perfect' pictures which was a consequence of my formal training in realism since my childhood. It wasn't until I opened myself up to just enjoying and experimenting in the process and act of painting that my work started to come alive. As an adult, I studied Fine Art at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. However I attribute my growth as an artist to countless hours of hands on participation in small classes and workshops with many practicing artists who have helped me break out of my comfort zone."

-Linda Louie


Original art brings life and energy when its in your environment. Please consider acquiring them for yourself, for designated  walls, as gifts, or just because they awaken your spirit and evoke the connection to unknown possibilities.